Can I burn Bloomy for less than 5 hours at a time?

Burning Bloomy for less than 5 hours during every burn will most likely make the candle tunnel down the middle instead of creating a bloom. The wax walls have to be heated sufficiently for Bloomy to shape its blossom after 25 hours. Always burn Bloomy when you are at home for a longer time. Lazy Sunday's are excellent for that.


My candle only unfolded on one side. Why didn't it work?

It can happen that Bloomy unfolds only on one side. Even though one sided Bloomys are just as interesting, you can make sure that the candle unfolds on two sides by squeezing the warm wax walls into an oval after 15 hours. For more details take a look at our Burn Instructions.


What can I do with the leftover wax from my Bloomy Candle?

Bloomy is a great home decor item even if you don't/can't burn it anymore. It's like an organic sculpture that will mesmerize your guests. But if you'd like, you can melt down the wax bloom in a double boiler and reuse the wax for homemade tea lights, floating candles or votives. All you need it a container to pour/cool the wax and a wick.

How long does Bloomy burn?

The small Bloomy burns for ~75 hrs.
The medium Bloomy burns for ~100 hrs.
The large Bloomy burns for ~120 hrs.


Do you make scented Bloomy Candles?

Maybe in the future. For now we are focusing more on our scent sensitive customer base. But to enjoy a scented Bloomy, place 3-5 drops of any essential oil of your choosing into the hot melted wax as the candle burns.


Are Bloomy Candles made with soy wax?

No. Soy wax is very soft and only suited for container candles or in combination with paraffin wax in a pillar candle.
Even though it would have been amazing to have made Bloomy from soy wax alone, we cannot ethically support this product. 99% of soy wax is derived from Monsanto GMO soy beans. The GMO crop production is incredibly destructive to farmers & farmland and an ecological threat to the environment. On top of that, studies have linked GMO foods to cancer.
Until today we couldn't find a soy wax manufacturer who didn't derive their soy wax from GMOs and that made the decision to use paraffin wax clear to us
Our paraffin wax blend is 100% biodegradable and in combination with our cotton wick it produces virtually no fumes. On top of that we do not use any harmful additives such as UV color stabilizers, toxic colors or fragrance.
Bloomy is made with the consumers health in mind and we guarantee that 100%.